Inspections & Maintenance

Structural Antennas, Towers & Antenna-Supporting Structures
Structural Antennas, Towers & Antenna-Supporting Structures

Visual Inspections

Inspections are conducted to identify any visible signs of damage, deterioration, or structural issues. This includes checking for rust, corrosion, loose or missing bolts, damaged antennas or cables, and any other visible abnormalities.

Structural Integrity

Assessment of the structural integrity to ensure that the tower is capable of withstanding environmental loads such as wind, ice, and seismic forces. Evaluation of the tower’s design, foundation, guy wires, and other structural components

Climbing Inspections

Climbing inspections performed by trained and experienced tower inspectors who access specific areas of the tower that are not visible from the ground. These inspections involve closely examining the tower structure, connections, and equipment mounting points.

Equipment Inspections

Examination of the equipment mounted on the tower, such as antennas, transmission lines, lighting systems, and other components. The purpose is to ensure that the equipment is properly installed, functioning correctly, and in compliance with relevant

Security and Compliance

Ensure the security of the network infrastructure and comply with industry regulations and standards to protect customer data and privacy

Documentation and Reporting

Detailed records of inspections, findings, and any necessary repairs or maintenance activities are documented and reported. This helps in maintaining a historical record of the tower’s condition and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Compliance with Regulations

Tower inspections comply with relevant regulations and standards, including those set by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED).

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