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We Build and Maintain Wireless Telecommunications Networks and Infrastructure in Canada.

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Over a Decade Long Journey

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Our team of wireless general contractors and experts are here to help you realize your goals. Let’s build together.

Our Story

Established in 2014, our founding members brought to the table decades of experience in Wireless Tower Technology and Construction.

Committed to safety and quality, our wireless consultants, contractors and technicians are trained and practiced in keeping the environment, your project site, and all staff safe.

We value technology, innovation, knowledge sharing and growth. Our clients success depends on us. We are the solution.

Safety is a core value at Bearing Tel.

To protect everyone we work with and everything we work on, we are committed to Environmental Health And Safety practices.

Our team is trained in many safety practices, and we use training matrixes and Daily Hazard ID’s to keep everyone safe.

People hold intrinsic value to any organization. At Bearing Tel, we prioritize our people because we know their knowledge and commitment helps make every project a success.

Our people are ready to go the extra mile for you, because we go the extra mile for them.

Quality work relies on well defined and adhered to processes.

Our commitment to quality is built on respect for and consistent practice of proven processes that produce the outcomes you are looking for.

Everything changes. To succeed, we are committed to change, innovation and growth. It’s more than a word. It’s a mindset, and attitude and a part of our company culture.

Meet the team

Our team is the driving force behind our success, bringing together a diverse group of talented individuals dedicated to delivering cutting-edge telecommunications solutions. With a shared commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and excellence, we work tirelessly to keep you connected. Get to know the people who make Bearing Communications a leader in the industry, each bringing unique skills and experiences to our dynamic team.

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Providing Service and Project Work throughout the Country with Operations Dispatch Facilities in Cobourg ON – Cambridge ON – Halifax NS

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